[WebComics] Turn Toward Busan, Rememberance Day

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Turn Toward Busan

by Cho, Geum-san
MPVA (Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs in Republic of Korea) Present


MPVA ⓒ all reserved, and Copyleft Allowed.

* Source: mpva.tistory.com/4149

Everyone has heroes inside of their hearts. 영웅은 우리 모두 안에 있다.

People can give some, 모두가 조금씩 내줄 순 있다
but some gave all. 하지만 모든 걸 내준 사람들도 있었다.
Remember their dedications forever. 그들의 헌신을 기억하자.

Rememberance Day (Veteran’s Day), November 11.

<My friend, I came for you>
The storyline is based on true story, dramatized by the storywriter.



Ryu, Sungyoung

                     Researcher ( http://www.tipa.or.kr )
@ Technology & Information Promotion Agency


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[KC101] The Ballad of Kickstarts – Together We Can Make Better Startup Nations

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timthumb.php.jpgDaejeon ─ The number of startups is showing how much a country’s economy is dynamic. From the beginning of 21st century, millions of idea-based companies newly born and gone at Silicon Valley. Venture capitalist and angel investors supported those business models.

During last decade, the world had faced huge financial shocks (9-11 and Lehman Bros Subprime Mortgage explosion) twice. Nevertheless, both shockwaves came from US. Many people might claim that dynamicity is one of various key factors to rebuild US economy. For sure, it has contributed to GDP without a doubt. In 2015, 8 of top 10 annual earnings marked in the United States were ICT-based companies including MS, Google and Apple. The others are Nike and Coca-cola.

 googleevilGoogle Carlifornia Headquater ⓒ Tumblr

As is tradition of the venture industry, Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Merger and Acquisition (M&A), sellout was a tool to retrieve their investment for…

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Let’s Celebrate National Hangul Day (Oct 9) : Korean Character (한글) Is Beautiful to Be Pop Culture

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HELLO in eight different languagesDaejeon ─ As a heavy international traveller, one of my hobbies is collecting my name written in exotic language as a souvenir. Alphabet is not exotic anymore for me, but Japanese, simplified Chinese, Cambodian, Taglog, Arabic and Hebrew are. In the same reason, Hangul is exotic character for foreigner.

Nowadays you can meet Korean immigrants wherever you go including Canada. Hangul(한글), Korean character, is an unique heritage of Korea for sure, because many nation doesn’t have their own character to express their language. Moreover, Hangul can be a pop culture component and spread internationally in the global era. Here’s good examples.

Mandy Rose ⓒ WWE

A Little Bit of Bad (WWE NXT Superstar Mandy Rose titantron theme)


Canadiene loves professional wrestling as much as the citizen of the United States and Mexico.
Tough Enough runner-up, and new WWE NXT diva, Mandy Rose is has officially made her NXT debut!…

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“7 year invasion 1592”: Docudrama you may never met before

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KBS 한중합작 팩츄얼 드라마 <임진왜란 1592 (7 year invasion 1592)> / CCTV 中韓合拍纪录片 <万历朝鮮戰爭>
(Japan) Toyotomi Hideyoshi Regime
(Korea) Chosen Dynasty
(China) Ming Dynasty

East Asia International war, Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)
If you are interested in medival East asian history, you must know about this invasion.

Not like other drama which described the war among three asian state, <7 year invasion 1592> had shown neutralized aspect of each countries. How it could be possible? The answer is Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) and China Central Television (CCTV) made docudrama series together.

This drama originally planned when Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, visited Sogang University. “Whenever we faced the trouble, we had dealt with it together. According to history, Ming dynasty helped Chosen whilst 7 year war. With Ming troops, Chosen can get the chance to have their hero, General Yi.” He insisted.

Budget takes…

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